Tuesday, May 15, 2012

and the Give-Away goes to...

I am so excited for our first Give-Away and happy to say
you are our winner!!!

if you would email me with your address I will get the ABC Lessons in the post to you.

Thnak you to all who stopped by and left message.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

YCS's first give-away

Since we have the Lizzie Kate Trunk Show in the store I thought
it would be nice to share it with our blog vistors.

Send a comment by May 15, 9am est and we will pick a random vistor and send them the above
Lizzie Kate kit 'ABC Lessons" with 32 ct Lt Mocha fabric (if linen isn't your thing let us know and we will replace it with 16ct aida)

Here are some pictures of the show set up in our store, enjoy:

Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thank Goodness it is in the 80's

so when I go to the beach to bury my head in shame at least my backside will be warm.

As you can see I am not so good at the resolutions. Here is what I have been working on:

'Spring Time Social'
by Country Stitches

by Praire Schooler

by Roseworks

Spring is definitely here in the Northeast.

Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy belated 2012

Well, as you can see I am off to a grand start with the blog, I made a resolution to write at least every couple of weeks and here it is already the 19th of January. The excuses of inventory and year end paper work could suffice if I didn't know deep down it is really procrastination. I am reading a book on breaking the habit of procrastination but only time will tell if it works.

At the store here we had a busy holiday season.  Our Wednesday night stitch group made ornaments for the wool feather tree we displayed at Portsmouth's 'Festival of Trees'

Donna of 'By the Bay Needleart' gave 2 classes on making a smaller version of the tree. They all came out wonderful and every one seemed to have a great time. Donna is working on having some other classes here so keep checking the blog to see what she comes up with. She seems to be an endless supply of amazing things. I just got a sneak of peek of some of her future designs and you're just going to love them.

 Our newest item of the store can also be attributed to Donna she purchased a pair of these awhile back and showed them to me:

They are LightSpecs from Foster Grant. Basically they have take our "readers/ cheaters" and put a led light on each side of the glasses. I have to say they really do illuminate your stitching in the right circumstance. If I am at home stitching under my Ott Lite they don't make a difference but here at the store under many fluorescent lights they do make a big difference. I think they would probable be great in a class room setting or at a stitch group. The glasses are no more expensive than a regular pair of cheaters at $29.95 and come in 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 magnification. 

Have a great winter weekend and thanks for stopping by